Our Services

A2 Exterminators is here for all your pest control needs.

Pest Control

A thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your home to identify and remove the source of your pest problem.

Rodent Control

Our services include expert rodent control, professional service to eradicate your rodent issues.

Moisture Control

Contact us today for a moisture control inspection! We are experts in issues including: standing water, humidity issues, water intrusion, musty odors, damp basements/crawl spaces.

Mosquito Management

Dealing with a mosquito issue? A2 Exterminators offers mosquito control and prevention.

Fire Ant Control

Our trusted & licensed experts identify the source of your ant problem and find the best solution to eradicating the fire ant infestation.


The CL-100 is a thorough termite inspection. We check for visible evidence of previous or active infestation of termites.


We fully line the foundation walls and floors with a liner that eliminates high moisture and prevents conditions suitable for pests

Liquid Termite Treatment

Our team applies a liquid termite treatment to your foundation walls to protect your home.

Trelona Baiting System

Top of the line termite elimination system to protect homeowners from termites and their potential damage.